How to Choose the Best Pure Forskolin Extract

Even the most basic form of Pure Forskolin Extract can be made by multiple manufacturers. Even though they are all "100% monohydrate" are they all really the same? The first factor to consider is that the particles can be different sizes. Considering that is not that ease to dissolve, it is advantageous to find a supplement that has been "micronised" this means that these particles are smaller than average. As you can see, being smaller means that they are much easier to dissolve than non-micronised particles. The rights to this form are owned by a German company, and it is known as the purest form of in the market. Creapure undergoes the strictest quality testing and assurance to make it monohydrate of choice. This form of monohydrate can be slightly more expensive than other types. However, in this writer's opinion, the extra price you pay for quality is worth it. The absorption is highly dependent on insulin and the ingestion of certain nutrients such as carbohydrates and sugars. Consequently, many manufacturers have formulated complex supplements that contain not only different forms, but also the right blend of supporting nutrients. Typically, these supplements contain high levels of simple sugars to give a post workout insulin spike. This spike has been shown to be both anabolic and significantly improve the incorporation into muscle tissue (Greenwood et al, 2003). In addition to sugar, supplements may also contain alpha lipoic acid, a compound known to increase insulin sensitivity, and hence increase absorption (Burke et al, 2003).

There's no doubt that these supplements are superior to taking by itself when it comes to increasing absorption, and hence muscle mass and strength. The science behind the interaction of and insulin is solid, and these supplements exploit that relationship to bring you something that genuinely does work. Given that the formulations of supplements are relatively simple, it is possible to formulate your own effective supplement if you knew what you were doing. However, it is far more convenient to purchase a ready-made formula, some of which have been university tested for efficacy.